What is the definition of the Patent in San Ramon

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What is the definition of the Patent in San Ramon

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Patent in San Ramon, referred to as "patents", is the invention or its rights to certain inventions the transferee in certain period shall enjoy the exclusive intellectual property rights, is implementing a. China announced in 1984, 1985 by the patent law, the detailed rules for the implementation of Patent in San Ramon about matters specified.
Patent in San Ramon of the subject is the patentee, refers to the patent law and enjoy the corresponding obligations. Patent in San Ramon subject includes the following kinds:
An inventor or creator, inventor or designer is a Patent in San Ramon subject, refers to the substantive features of the creative contributions to the people. In the process of accomplishing the invention-creation, is responsible only for organizational work, using the material and technical conditions for the convenience of people or in any other auxiliary work, such as the operator and depiction map, machinery processing etc, are not inventor or creator. Among them, the inventor invented refers to the persons involved, Designer refers to a utility model, or appearance design of the persons involved. An inventor or creator, is only natural, not a unit, the collective or group.
Invention is the result of intelligence. Invention activities is a fact, the limited capacity for civil conduct, therefore, no matter whether the people engaged in the invention with full capacity for civil conduct, as long as he finished the invention, it shall be deemed as the main Patent in San Ramon.


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