The introduction of the family law in Alameda County for you

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The introduction of the family law in Alameda County for you

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New family law in Alameda County in 1950 through "marriage law" symbol of start-up and 1960s mid 1970s stagnation, 1980 "marriage law" symbol of recovery and development, to the 1990s gradually formed a "marriage law" in the dry, mainly adopted law and the regulations on the administration of registration of marriage in other sectors for supporting and relevant specification and different levels of legal validity of decentralization of structure for origin. And this is the law about the modification, family law in Alameda County from 1980s began, in the mid 1990s, has been tend to carry on the work completed preliminary agenda, the legislation of the "expert", and is NiGao try discussing. Participate in the cross-century important research activities of scholars, legislation should feel a kind of academic heavy and historical responsibility. Therefore, the author's China family law in Alameda County of macroscopic orientation in five aspects, in order to put forward a rough idea to ascend and deepen the academic colleagues, and into specific legal system construction.
From the legislative technique to form and meaning family law in Alameda County as a department, must have the legal system, normative, strict and comprehensive system, self-contained, ensure the integration of the legal value isomorphism. Based on this, the legislation must be properly hold close relationships with the deficient, on the one hand, make every law, laws are specific, complete, each link, the family law in Alameda County are no loophole, on the other hand, to maintain social behavior, social relations, make the abstraction and legal norms with prior adjustment and the generalization performance, after adjustment to realize legal family law in Alameda County of value and function of complementary.

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